Wow, I am just so in love with this session.  I don’t know how I have managed to not shoot at the Ellwood Bluffs before, but it is officially my new favorite location.  But of course, what really makes a session amazing, is the couple, and Brynne and Ryan are one very special couple.  I only met then for the first time last month.  Their venue, the Canary Hotel ended up not being available on any of the wedding dates they wanted, and then suddenly had a last minute opening at the end of this month.  They jumped at it and booked their wedding even though they weren’t technically engaged yet.  They booked me last minute too, and I am just so glad I happened to have the date open, because it is going to be a beautiful wedding, and their engagement session is already one of my favorites.  I love how relaxed they both are, even though they have only had a couple of months to plan a wedding they are really laid back about it and everything is running smoothly.

One of the many reasons I love this session is because is also turned into a surprise proposal!  Ryan contacted me a couple of days before our shoot and explained how he and Brynne weren’t technically engaged and how he was hoping to pop the question during our shoot.  I was extremely excited and also a little nervous having never shot a surprise proposal before, and that is one moment you really don’t want to miss.  Luckily it was really easy since we were already doing a photoshoot, and I was just able to make up a fake pose/scenario for them to get them in the right places.   I told the unsuspecting Brynne that I wanted them to turn their backs to each other and when I counted to three they should turn around and then Ryan would do something fun and romantic like pick her up and spin her around in the air, instead, I had previously instructed Ryan to take this moment to get down on one knee so that when she turned around there he would be with the ring and three of the best word in the english language “will you marry me.”  It was such an honor and joy to capture this incredible moment, and to know they will have these images to look back on and relive that perfect happiness of deciding to spend the rest of their lives together.

Enjoy Brynne and Ryan’s light and love filled engagement session, and come back for their Canary Hotel wedding at the end of the month.