I loved every minute of this incredibly romantic engagement session at the Douglas Family Preserve.  Whitney and David are having an intimate wedding at a family home in June. We did their engagement session last week while they were in town for the holidays, and it was so much fun to get to know this wonderful couple better.    The tender affection they have for each other is breathtaking, I love seeing a couple so deeply in love, even after many years together and raising a child.  They share something really special and I know they will be together forever.

Whitney and David were brave enough to agree to be my guinea pigs for my first Connection Session.  After finishing my training in the revolutionary Beloved technique my final step in certification was a Beloved shoot or what I will be calling Connection Sessions.  I gave Whitney and David a series of prompts throughout the shoot to help them focus on each other and their love instead of being nervous about the photoshoot.  The purpose of Connection Sessions are to give the couple an open and judgment free space, and help them feel a deep and meaningful connection with each other in that space.  It’s not about the photos as much as it is about the connection.  The photos serve as a wonderful memento of when they felt so perfectly connected and loved, so they can keep feeling revitalized in their relationship every time they look at them.  It doesn’t hurt that photos that capture such true emotion are also inherently more beautiful then images that do not.  I’m so excited to be able to start offering Connection sessions to all my clients, and I am so excited to get to photograph this wonderful couple again in June!